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@2017 Allegra Francesca Poli

Allegra Francesca Poli is an Italian 15 year old girl who has lived in 7 different countries worldwide and speaks Spanish, Italian, and English. She created the AZZURRA makeup website during the 5th term of her freshman year. The purity behind the name AZZURRA, which means light blue in Italian,  embodies Allegra's core mission which is to teach young teenagers and adults how to apply makeup in a natural manner without the need to conform to society's beauty standard but your own.

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Ever since a young age, Allegra has always been fascinated with makeup and what it could do to someone’s appearance. When she discovered YouTube at age eight, she would watch makeup videos non-stop. Within the time frame of a couple of years, Allegra has wanted to become more of a makeup artist rather than someone who can do makeup. She soon noticed that YouTube wasn't the right platform to learn on. She needed videos that were short, to the point, of good quality and easy to follow. Allegra would search and search for websites that would meet her needs and expectations, but there were none. That was when she decided she had to be the one to create a place where she could teach teenagers like her to apply and understand the art of makeup with the advantage of having videos tailored for her and others' skin type. Here on AZZURRA, you will be bombarded by videos covering every aspect of makeup that come together in creating THE MAKEUP GUIDE.

How was AZZURRA created?